High-grade Materials

As a result of sticking to "comfortable walking" and "wearing for a long time", we use materials designed and made in Asakusa, Tokyo.

1. Kimono/Obi(Belts)
The kimono/Obi used for shoes are upcycled one as there are a big amount  of  kimonos stocked in the wardrobes after the special occasions that people wear kimonos for.
Our designer severely selects among them and we upcycle them.
Each kimono has different patterns and dyeing methods depending on the region, so please see the product page for details.
Obi sample:
Kimono sample:
2. Genuine leather
Cowhide leather has a dense fiber and a stable thickness, and is often used as an upper leather for shoes and other items that require durability.

At TOKYO KIMONO SHOES, we meticulously join these pieces of leather together and the other various parts as part of the pre-sewing process, so that the leather gently wraps around your feet and provides excellent comfort. 
3. Soles

The sole of TOKYO KIMONO SHOES has a three-layer structure.

Many sneakers have two layers (insole and outsole),

TOKYO KIMONO SHOES is designed to improve walking stability.

It contains a "middle bottom" of strong strength.

It contains a middle sole with an iron plate that is strong enough to be used to reinforce the sole with pumps with a wide upper part.


The sole of TOKYO KIMONO SHOES is angled to gradually rise from the toe to the heel.

This is to maintain an optimal load balance across the foot.

It is easier to move the foot forward when the center of gravity is shifted forward, and as an optimal solution for the balance between the forefoot and the rear foot, we came up with a heel height of 25 mm as a result of trial and error.

Weight distribution is performed properly, posture is stabilized, and propulsion when walking is improved.

As a result of seeking for the quality of walking and comfortability, all the sole parts are designed and made in Asakusa.