How to measure your foot

Please make sure you know the proper size and make sure it fits before purchasing.


1. What to prepare:

①Paper big enough to fit your feet (2 sheets)

②Pencil or ballpoint pen

③Ruler for drawing lines

④Majoring tape


2. What to major

Measure the length and girth of your foot.

Determine your size by foot length and check if the foot girth fits the same on the  size char.

3. How to measure foot length

(1)draw lines on paper

  Draw a straight horizontal line, then draw a vertical line to make a right angle.

(2)Put your foot on the paper

Place the center point of the back of the heel where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect.

Place your feet so that the vertical line is in the center of your feet

(3)Draw a line on top

 ・Draw a horizontal line along the longest part of your toes

 ・Measure from point A to point B in the picture below

 ・The number measured by the tape measure will be the length of the foot.

 If the unit is in inches, please convert it to centimeters and compare it with our size chart to select the size.

Convert here



4.How to measure foot girth

Measure around the outermost points on the base of the big toe and little toe.


If your foot girth is within the size displayed on the size chartthe size of shoes accommodate your feet.

If your foot girth exceeds+6mm, the shoes may not fit to your feet, and we suggest not to go for purchase the shoes.

 Unit conversionfrom here