Service Standard



1. Our mission

  • We provide our customers around the world with a comfortable and exciting experience. 
  • Reviving the sleeping beauty of Japan and passing on beauty and rare technology to the next generation. 
  • We deliver to the world a highly harmonized aesthetic value and functional value with purely domestic products. 


2. Basic service standards   

  • We take responsibility until the shoes are delivered to the customer. 


    We deliver a fun life with TOKYO KIMONO SHOES and value communication with all customers. 
  • We provide fair service to all our customers. 

Please see Here for the details of our service standards. 


3. Our members

Shotaro Kawamura / President


We TOKYO KIMONO SHOES have the mission to provide customers with comfortable and exciting moments with our shoes. To achieve this, our team gathers experts in the fields of kimono procurement, shoe design, manufacturing, and supply chain management to pursue maximization of customer value every day. 

Please enjoy the one and only shoes in the world filled with Japanese beauty and artisanship.  

Let's Charm the world with our feet together!! 

Nanase / Project manager

Hi, I'm Nanase, managing the project. We hope you enjoy the fusion of traditional Japanese kimonos made with Japanese technology and our Omotenashi service.

Moeko / Customer support

I am looking forward to encountering people from all over the world through the TOKYO KIMONO SHOES project, which is filled with the charm of Japan.

Maki / Creative officer

I would like to convey the appeal of the products through images and videos clearly.

Miyuki / Operation officer

Kimonos are under strict quality control by our team.

Please enjoy the one and only pattern.

Yusuke / Quality control

There is no compromise on the standards of Japanese quality. We will provide peace of mind for your precious feet.

Yukari / SNS organizer

I focus on being on customer side to expres the greatness of our Kimono shoes