Shoe artisanship

TOKYO KIMONO SHOES is the crystallization of technology that has been cultivated from 70 years of shoemaking.

The manufacturer is AxT Inc. which has been making shoes in Asakusa for about 70 years.

Based on the experience and knowledge of repeated research on the science of "Shoe, foot and walking"  with continuous improvements for the shoes, fusing kimono and genuine leather into a beautifully comfortable shoe.

Our artisanship is cultivated from 70 years of experience and this history is breathed into every detail of the shoes.

(1)Cut the kimono along the pattern.  

Each shoe is different because the pattern changes depending on where the fabric is cut from the kimono. The charm is that no two shoes are the ever the same!

(2) Skiving leather details 

Details such as flexibility and lightness are made to ensure the shoes are comfortable. Since the thickness of the leather is not constant, it is the process that skilled craftsman can ably transform each piece of leather into a soft and gentle material for our shoes. The pursuit of comfort is the accumulation of their attention to detail.

(3)Sewing leather and kimono 

Carefully sewing high-quality leather and kimono together. It's self-explanatory when you look at its stitching. 

(4)Lasting and Shaping

Pull the area around the instep, adhere to the shoe mold, and fix it to the middle bottom. It is an important process in shaping shoes, and skilled craftsmanship creates the brand's unique silhouette with a focus on ease of walking. 


Bottom with a crimping machine to bond the bottom of the instep and the outsole after fishing. 

 (6) Inspection and finishing 

We carefully inspect each pair and fine-tune them. 

(7) One and only pair is completed