Save kimonos from being discarded

Can you imagine that  kimonos worth more than worth of 30 trillion yen (=USD 220 billion)  are sleeping  in wardrobes in Japan??

In Japan we order and wear Kimono for special occasions but after the event, they are stored in wardrobes, often never worn again.

Eventually, the kimono will be thrown away as it is no longer needed.

Tons of kimono go to waste.


Each kimono is an art made by kimono artisans.

To make a piece of kimono, an artisan spent long days.


We, Japanese, started wearing kimonos from 13 centuries ago and have developed them as the symbol of art as well as fashions till today.

Can we discard the crystallizations of the art with long history ??

We will connect the beauty by changing forms with our pride.



 This is our responsibility and it has just started.


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